Loaded 120ML


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  • Apple Fritter- Caramelized Apple, Cinnamon, and Crispy Dough. 
  • Cran-Apple Juice- Crisp Apple and Sweet Cranberry. 
  • Cran-Apple Juice ICE- Crisp Apple, Sweet Cranberry, and Cool Menthol. 
  • Chocolate Glazed- Chocolate and Donut. 
  • Cookie Butter- Belgian Cookie Spread. 
  • Glazed Donut- Warm Sugar Glazed Donuts with a Hint of Sweet Cinnamon. 
  • Lemon Bar-  Refreshingly light lemon notes infused with sweet and creamy powdered sugar. 
  • Melon Milkshake-  Melon, Milkshake, Honey. 
  • Pink- Freshly ripened strawberries spun into a delightfully sweet confection. 
  • Raspberry Eclair- Raspberry and Eclair. 
  • Smores- Warm Chocolate on a Graham Cracker Filled with Gooey Marshmallows. 
  • Strawberry Jelly Donut-  Strawberry-Jelly Filled Donuts. 

Apple Fritter, Cran-Apple Juice, Cran-Apple Juice ICE, Chocolate Glazed, Cookie Butter, Glazed Donut, Lemon Bar, Melon Milkshake, Pink, Raspberry Eclair, Smores, Strawberry Jelly Donut

Nicotine Strength

00MG, 03MG, 06MG

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